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Church is more than a service. It's people living life together and helping one another throughout our communities to serve our communities. Each week, the people at Mending Hearts meet to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, and live. We believe true ministry is the heart of every church. 


We place a high value on families. We believe that strong marriages and families are the foundation of strong churches and communities. Mending Hearts Church offers a variety of ministries throughout the year focused on helping families grow together as disciples of Jesus.


The high school years are vital in training young people to be disciples of Jesus. Statistically, 60% of students leave the church after high school. This means that traditionally the church hasn't done a good job of communicating the gospel to teams and creating a legacy of disciples that is multi-generational. The Student Ministries at Mending Hearts wants to focus on helping parents equip young people between the ages of 12 and 18 to be disciples of Jesus by clearly communicating the gospel, creating an environment of worship, and connecting teens to community in the church.

The in goal of student ministries is to create theologically sound Jesus lovers who go on to become vital members of the church in the college years and beyond.


MH Kids is built around a simple concept: Jesus is the reason! Each Sunday, your child will learn the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in an age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. We also seek to help equip parents to train their children in the gospel through various resources. Ultimately, the goal of MHC Kids is to get kids excited about Jesus and get families talking about Jesus together throughout the week.

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