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MH Kids is built around a simple concept: Jesus is the reason! Each Sunday and Wednesday (excluding summer midweeks), your child will learn the Bible and how it relates to Jesus in an age-appropriate way. The lessons are fun and approachable and taught by committed volunteers and staff who serve Jesus by serving you and your kids. We also seek to help equip parents to train their children in the gospel through various resources. Ultimately, the goal of MH Kids is to get kids excited about Jesus and get families talking about Jesus together throughout the week.

Helping Parents Raise KIDS Who Love Jesus

Mozart composed beautiful symphonies by the age of ten. Josiah became the king of Judah at the age of nine. At the age of eight, Johnny Smith carried a bullfrog in the pocket of his pants two miles just so he could scare his sister... Kids will be kids!

At Mending Hearts Church we believe in reaching kids right where they are – Mozart or Johnny. That's why we strive to create an atmosphere with MHC Kids filled with fun, laughter and the presence of God. All of our children's programs are designed to attract the hearts of children in such a way that they truly want to come back each week to meet with God and learn about him in creative (and sometimes even messy) ways, bullfrogs and all!

What to Expect

Mending Hearts Church offers MH Kids various types of ministry. When you walk in the door, you'll see signage directing you to the MH Kids check-in area. Or you can ask one of our many volunteers serving in that service to direct you. At the check-in area, you'll be greeted by a volunteer or staff member who will help you register your children on our church software. You'll be handed two stickers with your name, your child's name, what class and age group your child is in and on those stickers are corresponding numbers to your child. 


security is important to us, so we have a system in place that when you drop off and pick up your child, we'll make sure the numbers on your sticker match your child sticker before admitting or dismissing them to or from class. After admitting your child to class, you can grab a cup of coffee or tea and headed into worship. Your child will do some activities initially, then gather with all our kids to sing songs to Jesus, and then work through the lessons for the day. After the message and closing by our pastor or speaker, we encourage parents to pick up their kids to relieve the volunteers to clean up and get ready for the next service.

Should you ever have questions, any member of our staff or our volunteers will be happy to help you! Also, if you have questions about MH Kids before attending a service, you can always contact any of the staff or pastors at Mending Hearts Church to find answers to those questions.

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