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Immaturity: A Trojan Horse in the Church

Immorality is not holding back the church as much as immaturity! We all remember the story of how the Spartans could not take the city of Troy by frontal attacks, so they defeated them by deception. They created a giant wooden horse and secretly filled it with warriors. The wooden horse was then given to Troy as an offering to their gods and a symbol of peace. The Trojans pulled the horse into their city and celebrated their victory. During the early hours the Spartan warriors slipped out and defeated the Trojans as they slept.

The Trojan horse in the church, however, is filled not with warriors, but with immaturity. The church is paralyzed by immaturity, and yet allows it to exist, even coddles it and promotes it. Through recognition of this problem, we can find victory. Join this DVD based study group taught by one of the greatest teachers of all times, Pastor Duane Sheriff, to find out how you can overcome the weakness of spiritual and mental immaturity.

Thursdays at 6:30pm
Leader: Pastor David Tompkins

Contact: 340-8526 or

Location: MHC Auditorium
Bring: Bibles, Notepad and a pen/pencil

Highlights of this group:

  • Childhood behavior and adult behavior differ naturally
    God has a new level where He wants to take us
    Voting in the church can promote the immature
    Immaturity can cause defeat from within
    Four steps to maturity: teaching, correction, discipline and accounatbility
    The "flesh" is our enemy
    Making convertts is not enough; we must make disciples
    Four ways to childproof the house(church)
    Twelve signs/symptoms of immaturity


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