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The History of Mending Hearts Church

January 1994 The church was started in McLoud Oklahoma in the name of Mending Hearts Ministries Church, Inc. The founding Pastors, Michael and Rhonda Lincoln were dedicated to the call God had placed in their hearts. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, the church began to grow and experience the fire of God. 

December 1997 The congregation grew larger than the building they were in, so they relocated to the building we are in now at 14818 S. Peebly Road in the Stella community of Oklahoma.

February 2003 Pastor Michael Lincoln went home to be with the Lord due to an accident with a head-on collision just a few miles from the church facility. He left with joy in his heart, power in his life and a strong legacy to follow after him! He was an inspiration to us all and is truly missed. Our current pastors who were itenerate evangelists at the time, David and Shonda had just preached in MHMC on the Sunday night prior to the pastors accident. Asked to by Rhonda Lincoln, they immediately took a leadership role while helping the church body to stay on their feet and did so for about 6 months until such time they could find a new pastor. 

November 2003 Danny and Tammy Austin became the lead pastors and stayed for nearly one year. Pastor Danny taught the congregation that there is no limit to what God can do when he led them through an Easter Service where there were over 400 people in attendance from the community and a full blown piece from News4.

February 2005 Pastors David and Shonda Tompkins joined themselves to the church as Co-Pastors, continuing the vision given by God to Pastor Michael Lincoln. The church is continuing to be built upon a challenging message of hope and encouragement and David and Shonda felt they were to model leadership and an unyeilding commitment to the family.  Our membership is strong, we are considered to be a significant church and we recently completed our first phase of a building program designed and dedicated to our Students and Childrens Ministries. We are looking now into the possibility of buying some land directly to the north of us for some much needed additional parking!

February 2015 Pastors David and Shonda Tompkins resigned their position as the Lead Pastors of MHC but said they had served strong and it was some of the best years of their lives. They transitioned back to the original calling of their hearts, to be Missionary Evangelist with Praise Ministries Int'l, Inc. Missions Outreach and continue witnessing to people across the world for Jesus Christ!   

July 2015-May 2017 Pastors Curtis and Jeanelle Reese blessed us with their leadership. They were a wonderful asset to our congregation. However, felt God calling them back to Texas to minister. 

June 2017 Lynn and Jeannie Payne have stepped into the leadership roll at MHC. Lynn Payne was the Assistant Pastor under Pastor Curt the last two years. Lynn and Jeannie have been members of MHC since 1997.

Mending Hearts Church exists of real people that have stories of how God has set them free, healed their broken hearts of the past and experienced the hand of God in their lives.

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